Edgewood Men

Edgewood Men



Sunday 13th Men’s Breakfast 8:30am


Friday 22nd 7:30 Tickets $20.00. Birmingham Bulls Hockey game


Saturday 23rd Bowling 6pm

Sunday 24th Deadline for registration to GridIron


Saturday 27th Golf Outing PTBA


Men’s spring Bible Study, everu Tuesday night starting at 6pm

Sunday 12th  will cook Mother’s Day Breakfast

Saturday 18th Fishing at Jim’s place 11am to 4pm


14th and 15th Friday-Saturday “GridIron Men’s Conference”

Deadline for registration Sunday March 24th

Sunday 16th Father’s Day Breakfast 8:30am


Saturday 20th Golf Outing PTBA


Friday and Saturday 2nd and 3rd White Water Rafting

Saturday 31st Golf Outing


Saturday 7th Football Kick-Off at Jim’s Place

Saturday 28th Golf Outing PTBA


Men’s fall Bible Study, every Tuesday night starting at 6pm

Saturday 26th Golf Outing PTBA